What’s Gucci you guys, how yall been? hope yall were just fine.
Today’s post is all about signature style or personal style as most people would love to refer to it. I initially did a post on personal style way back when i began blogging but today’s post is all about hacks that ive tried and worked for me. here i am sharing this with you.

Signature style according to me is style that defines your personality, who you are on the inside but through your outfits, whats your mood on that specific day. below are some of the steps to finding your signature style and sticking with it.


Growing up my momma used to tell me to dress up in flattering silhouettes that were suitable for my body type. I ain’t petite or some shit but I love to think of myself as thick😊 maybe plus size. That way I know that bodycon attires work for me and A-line skirts don’t, but I still wear them. They cute as hell. 

Work with honest friends and family, they’ll totally give you they honest opinions and if you home alone, use a mirror to help you figure which silhouettes are perfect for you. 

One more thing, pay close attention to fashion icons with similar body silhouettes that work for them. I personally look up-to Ashley graham coz I can relate to her and not Kylie Jenner or Karruche Tran. Have you seen they bods fam???!  Dang!!


For a successful signature style is one you will love and love and so your focus should be on attires that you will adore for long. 

For instance, The little black dress is a piece that comes in handy in different occasions and could be styled in a million ways. It’s a life saver. If jeans ready your thing, run with it. 

I personally have loads of party dresses that are rarely worn but I have them anyway. Such pieces aren’t day time appropriate but you can style them to decent outfits. 


Pay close attention to items that never make you feel good or sexy or stylish. Everybody may be rocking the crop top trending, doesn’t mean you should do it. If it doesn’t make your heart sing,  don’t do it. I personally avoid outfits that make me look bigger than I already am or show my belly cuz good heavens I got one. 


Inspiration is everywhere this days.  It could be your stylish boss,  your momma or maybe a new blogger you are just hearing input like myself. I could be your inspiration, you know😊


I love colour, makes me happy but it’s not for eveybody.  When finding yourself a perfect silhouette, keep colour in mind. Find this that suit your skin tone and don’t make you look washed out. 

Note that LIPSTICK 💄  goes a long way to making so many shadows seem easier to wear. 


Uniform may sound boring but it’s the stuff we wear on a regular basis. The white tee, jeans, ankle boots are a formula reliable and doesn’t mean it has to look the same. It perfect when you have ‘nothing to wear. ‘


My signature pieces are mostly accessories but you find that most style icons have signatures that can be spotted from miles away.  For example Anna Wintour and her sunglasses, Rhianna with her wine glass .
Signature pieces could be colours, prints, beauty tricks or accessories as previously stated


Not everybody has time to create this but putting together the looks you love on Pinterest  or the bookmark tag on instagram is key. This helps you keep tabs on trends you’d like to copy. 

Screenshot works for me. 


In order to nail your signature style, organize your wardrobe.  It efficient and easy to work with. Not gonna lie, mine’s organised at some point and disorganised ever 😂😂

That is all for today guys,
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2/05/2017 : BACK AT IT

What’s Gucci lovely people. It’s been a minute,  but hey I’m back at it. I hope y’all have been great,  this past few months. 

My last post was on the 2nd of January this year and it’s been a rollercoaster ever since to this day. It’s been a transitioning period for me. Amazing things happened, I  moved to Nairobi, Kenya’s fashion capital and settling down wasn’t as easy but hey,  I pulled through.

 I joined fashion school and trust me when i tell you, that tailors, designers, garment making ain’t no joke. Respect to this amazing humans that make it possible for us to purchase outfits and the trends many of us are into. It’s a lot of work put in every thought and dedication. Cheers and mad respect to them. 

Wanted to let all my loyal readers and supporters that I’m back at it and I’ll not be disappointing y’all no more.  I’ll do my level best to keep you updated with everything in the fashion world and outfit posts will be flowing. Thanks for your patience. 
That’s all for today, 

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55 posts later,

I never pride myself as a writer but I’d like to think that I’ve done a pretty good darn job this past year.

 Sometime last year on the 1st of January 2016, I thought of starting a fashion blog and since I was on the ‘goals’ end of things, I thought why not. One year later here I am sharing this journey in a vast industry of creatives.

I’ve always fancied everything fashion, style, lifestyle and damn, this has been a journey full of consistencies and inconsistency. Ain’t crediting shit to myself, but juggling law school, a blog, a fashion blog at that, in a city such as The Msa (mombasa) where everything and everybody is laid back and slow, pheeew, I tried.

Redd’s might be the brains behind but all was possible cause of the support I got. This is one thing I’m grateful for, from the bottom of my heart. (Sentimental,yikes!)

She killing it. #billionaremindset

From the likes of lizzie and Kavunge, same house, shared my ideas with, their support was nurturing in so many ways. I appreciate y’all so much. To the likes of a guy, who I was always sure he was gonna read my work and keep it real wimme. Criticing my work to make it as perfect as possible. He the realest nigger I ever met. Henry, you the real MVP.

Like miss mandii says, ‘I came to realize that my support system would be my friends, my family and p.c’. Its so true. The support is astonishing on so many levels. It is so fulfilling to share this journey with you.

To all my readers and supporters, I appreciate y’all so much and looking forward to a long and prosperous 2017, that’s fashion filled, that’s all about that schmoney, you know. That billionaire mindset sorta shit.

Happy 2nd blog👑vassery people,

Happy new year 2017,

That’s all for today,

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Ola you guys, 
So this is the first time I’m taking stock, I only hope it all goes well by the end of this post. 
Let’s take a walk down memory lane and have recap of MY 2016.

RELATIONSHIPS – let’s just say, If you are into him more than he is into you, or vis a vis, hunnie leave.  If you care too much, you are fucked. Imma leave at that.

FRIENDS – I personally lost people dear to my heart, but hey if your absence makes their lives better, good for them. Somebody somewhere needs you though, right?! (Consolations at its best)

MAKING – DIY projects has been an obsession. Y’all know by the diy choker post and from my Instagram page and whatever. Ain’t slowing down.
EATING – Junk food will be the death of me. I’ll try eat much healthier foods, you know, the likes of salads, no soda😥, etc
DRINKING – dear Lord, I do not promise to go slow or stop. I’m just being honest. To my long list comes the healthy shit too.

READING – I just completed law school, and that is one heck of reading for the past four years. Not reading anything at the moment. I’m just not into it.

PLAYING – Alex Aiono covers, William Singe covers. This dudes you guys, are not only hot as hell but when they sing, its heavenly. Check them out on youtube. Hip hop is bae tho.

FOLLOWING – Star Wars. The force awakens and then the rogue one. It all started when I wanted to check out Lupita’s character and the rest is history.

WEARING – denim. I’m addicted to denim. Its all I was super into this year.

AIM – hitting the gym on the new year. Hope I can keep up☺
NOTICING – That I’ve been A Lil less motivated than I usually am. Somebody be my motivation please.

FEELING – grateful for the gift of life, family, friends and everybody.

MOTIVATION – Everyday above ground is a blessing.

OBSESSED – with keeping up with the kardashians. Cliché, but its my cliché. Wags Miami are

WISHING – for and amazing fashion filled 2017 full of blessings and happiness and greatness to the entire human race.

PRAYING – for a peaceful 2017 as we await the major elections.

FEELING – pressed for time. Gotta go guys. 

That is all for today loves

Thanks for passing by,





Aloha beautiful humans,

The tutorial I promised y’all is finally here after a long time away. I’ll get straight to it.

What you need.

  1. Scissors.
  2. Fabric glue.
  3. Velvet trim, lace fabric.
  4. Velcro.
  5. Tape measure.
  6. Strands.


  • Use the tape measure to get the circumference of your neck. You could use the old school way by tying the intended fabric around your neck till you get the intended fit.
  • Once you have the right measurements, cut off any unintended fabric 
  • The Velcro is used to ensure easy wear of your choker.
  • Use the fabric glue to attach your Velcro onto the choker. Attach the Velcro on the opposite sides of the end of your fabric, on the left end and the right.
  • Let the fabric glue attaching the Velcro to your fabric completely dry.
  • TA – DA guys. You have your choker.

    Check out some of them…

    I used white nail polish to do the writing…


    I sow the chain in then used the same procedure already illustrated.

    Inspiration from the leather wrap choker.

    I cut the strand into 4 separate strands then tied a knot. Simple as that.

    Velvet choker. Pretty common but I made this one myself.

    This is one project that I’m proud I completed. The diy denim choker is still underway but will be up soon. 

    Details : I got the fabrics at Nawal center, mombasa but they are available in most fabric stores around you.

    That is all for today,

    Thank you for passing by,




    Hey loves, hope the week began real good. Mine’s just there. The weekend was too damn short🙍
    Anyway for today’s post I decided to grace the ladies with a few tips that really do it for me. I promise they work all year round😊

    Ever had those lazy days, having a low week, don’t wanna dress up but you still wanna look bomb as hell, who am I kidding, this tips are the shit.

    How do I get myself into dressing up??

    • 3rd piece rule.

    This rule honestly works for me. It takes a simple look up a notch by adding on a jacket, kimono, a statement accessory to your standard look, for a next level high end style.

    • Dress my body type.

    Personally, my outfits look better on me if they fit right. All fashion enthusiasts can agree to this, clothes look fresh if they fit right. Therefore, knowing your body type is key and which styles work for you as a person. Considering that I’m thick, fitting ensembles give me that chic streamlined look, hugging the curves in all the right places.

    • Investing in quality basics.

    Basics tees, jeans are the pillars of every stylish girl’s wardrobe, but the option of investing in quality is upping the look. I always invest in pieces and styles that fit and stand out. For instance; everybody is rocking the denim jackets but what makes yours stand out? The graphiti? The stickers etc

    • Keywords.

    Sometimes I feel inspired. Who am I kidding? Most times I feel uninspired. But what gets me psyched up is the thought of what defines my style as a person. I let that influence the pieces I choose. 

    “Growth is some powerful shit.”  I’ve gotta look the part, act the part, be the shit.

    • Last minute.

    I’m the last minute kinda girl in everything. Books, errands etc. I once tried planning what I was gonna wear the night before. If you aren’t a morning person, this helps putting a chic subtle look stress free.

    • Save the looks for later.

    Is it just me or is everyone into this. Social media is full of stylish women whose style is and I’m totally into. When I see an outfit compilation I love, I screenshot it and save it for future preference. Then on that lazy day, feeling stamped, you’ll have the outfit on hand and compile it with your own pieces. Easy, right. I do this all the damn time.

    That’s pretty much all I do, every damn day. A lady gotta slay all day, every day.

    That’s all for today,

    Thank you for passing by.




    Men often neglect the importance of shoes they wear. I’m a lady and I can bear witness to the fact that, women spend a whole load on a pair of effortless designer heels to make a statement. ‘Em Giuseppe’s, Louboutins, Gucci, etc. Unlike a typical man who settles for a cheap pair. Its a good feeling shopping with your dude, brother, and you are like, ‘What’s the size of ’em Jordan’s.’ Yaaas😊😊
     Research has shown that 90% of women digg men in good pairs of shoes. A well fitted tee, some dark denims, casual worn with sneakers is good but when worn with a derby shoe or a brogue, the outfit is exquisite for a casual dinner date, bar visit, wine tasting etc.. Before I get to the list, 


    First and foremost, shoes are an investing piece. I’d recommend spending money on a timeless pair because honestly, a cheap pair of shoes looks, well, cheap and that’s just sad. A stylish man knows that a well made shoe could last them up to ten years and beyond, rather than spend on some cheap ass pair of shoes knowing you’ll be shopping for another real soon because its worn out.

    If I were a man, I know what I’d do. 

    1. Leather – The shoe should be 100% leather. You should keep in my mind the thickness and that the thicker the leather, the more hard wearing it’ll be and could be less flexible.
    2. Comfort – Do not neglect comfort in return of the shoe being hard wearing. More modern shoes are ‘ready to wear’ and are flexible and fit well. The more comfortable you are in the shoes, the more you will be able to style them differently.
    3. Shoemakers – Know your brand of shoes. The ones that appeal to your taste, style and comfort. 
    4. Well-crafted – pay attention to the make of the shoe. There is a good year welt construction that can be easily resoled if they begin to wear out.
    5. Timeless – Investing in a good pair makes it possible to be worm for years to come, therefore, concentration on a style that will outlast the trends, is crucial. The list imma give y’all is that of shoes that have been here for centuries and continue being stylish.

    Let’s dive into the list of shoes…

    See how @jbeejura styled the single monk strap pair. Dapper!

    Dear male generation, this right here is bomb diggity. You can never go wrong with this pair of shoes. It bridges a gap between formal and casual making it perfect to dress up a suit or a perfect pair of them jeans. There’s the single and double monk strap shoe. The single strap gives a cleaner feel, great for a formal ensemble, whereas the double strap is more of the construction adding detail to the whole outfit.

    A shade of brown is just the way to go guys. It’s versatile and even lighter shades of brown and suede create way more statement. 
    That stylish man who dares to be different would add the Italian flair or what most call sprezzatura to the outfit by leaving one strap unbuckled on the double monk strap pair.


      This pair leans more system. formal spectrum but the current styles have made it possible to be worn with casual attires. The difference between the derby and oxford is the lacing system. Closed system makes Oxford a more formal shoe compared to the derby.

      Opting for a darker brown creates versatility. In this case, black leather leans more on the formal while the tan is more on the casual end. Therefore, darker brown allows you you to dress up or dress down

      • THE BROGUE.

      I honestly think that this is the shoe most men invest in since it so darn good looking in both the suit and some skinny jeans or however you love it. Its been stylish for decades and the best part of this shoe is the ‘broguing’ detail of the shoe. (Those dots dots on the shoe,that’s broguing) This pair is credited for inspiration that led to decorative focus. Tan creates a Subtle look.


      Personally, this boot looks great dressed up or down. Either way, it amazing. A pair of folded denime to show the elastic detailing on the boot. Some men still do the formal wear with this pair of shoes and it works wonders. It all depends on your personal style and where your comfort lies.

      • THE LOAFERS.

      This are most men’s to go to pair of shoes. They can be worn all year round. The options are endless but choosing the right style is really down to personal preference. It’s laceless, low and exposes the ankle. Typically, it exposes the socks or no socks in the summer.

      Tasseled loafers are something I’d recommend, the detailing is

      All that is just but a lady’s personal opinion.

      Where to get similar pairs.

      • Edu fashions – 0714926155, IG
      • Anthony’s fashion and style – 0726641799 and on IG.
      • Viatu world – 0727855373.
      • Mica shoes 254 – 0716407828.
      • Planet_shoes – 0722542579
      • Our very own BATA.

      That is all for today,

      Thank you for passing by,